Latest News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - Thursday 24 August 2017

Oberon Business and Tourism Association invited the 18 prospective candidates in the upcoming Local Government Election to meet with the community to outline their reasons for wanting to become an elected representative and to also state their vision and aims for the next three years on Council should they be successful on September 9. I urge you all to think about the best 9 people to sit around the Council table for the next council term. For the LGA to continue to grow we need 9 committed Councillors who have Oberon front of mind and will bring a diverse range of talent to the table. Remember you need to vote for at least five candidates for your vote to be valid, but you have the opportunity and I encourage you, to tick 9 or more boxes in order of preference to ensure your choice is fully recognised. Council held its final meeting for this term of government last Tuesday night and is now in caretaker mode. Work continues but under a different scenario. I would like to thank the staff of council, my fellow elected representatives and of course the Oberon community for their support over the past 5 years. I recommend that you all obtain a copy of the “End of Term Report” on this Council, despite many challenges the achievements of the past 5 years have been significant.

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the RFS Awards Evening last week. This ceremony recognised an amazing group of volunteers with a combined total of 1092 years of service to our community. The Oberon LGA has 15 brigades involving 543 volunteers who play an integral role in community life, these volunteers work tirelessly for our benefit and they are well respected, trusted and valued by us all. As I looked around the room I really felt humbled. Again I congratulate all the deserving award recipients. Thank you.

Oberon Council along with many other councils are making representation to the NSW Government and the Valuer General (VG) Department in relation to the situation of the VG revaluing property twice in 24 months, the last valuation was as a direct result of the NSW Governments failed Emergency Service Levy application. Combined with the ongoing special rate variation, now in the third year – the snowball effect of the sharp increase in land values has resulted in higher than expected rate impact for residents. If you have concerns please contact Council for a more detailed explanation of the current situation, I then urge you to write to the VG Department and question the second valuation and why that needs to be sustained in light of the situation with the failed levy initiative which is currently subject to an enquiry and may or may not proceed sometime in the future.

I wish all our sporting teams coming into the finals rounds the very best of luck and well done to the Oberon High School Year 7 classes for the excellent presentation of their Geo/Tourism projects. The event was held at the Visitors Information Centre last week and was attended by council staff and parents. It is never easy to get up and speak on your work to a room full of people including your peers, so well done.

Don’t forget the Burraga Sheep Show on Saturday 26 August 2017, lots happening.