Latest News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - Thursday 23 March 2017

I feel very excited about the festivities planned for this Saturday 25 March 2017 at the Oberon Common from 12pm – 4pm. The day is to celebrate Oberon’s continuing democracy and is a free event for the community to enjoy. I really hope everyone will come together to celebrate the fact that we are to remain a stand alone Council.

It is Neighbour Day on Sunday 26 March 2017 which will start off a week when we particularly “look out” for our neighbours and ensure they are ok, hopefully setting up a worthwhile habit. Council will be hosting a morning tea for anyone who would like to come along for a social hour. More information on this as it comes to hand. 

The NBN rollout will commence in Oberon in a few weeks, seven nodes are due to be constructed supplying fibre to the node connection which will then be available through a service provider to approximately 1250 premises. Those outside the current NBN footprint should continue to receive service through the current fixed wireless network or long term via the satellite network. Council are only working with the actual construction company and therefore have no authority to answer enquiries in relation to either the rollout or the designated coverage area. NBN Co have a number you can call 1800 687 626 between 8am – 8pm for any further information.

It is Litter Enforcement Month from 19 March – 15 April 2017. Are you aware you can be reported by anyone for littering from a vehicle, your number plate can be recorded resulting in a fine from the EPA? To raise awareness of littering the NSW Government are embarking on a campaign to curb this behaviour. We all want to live in a litter free environment and need to take responsibility for ensuring this is the case. There’s nothing worse than seeing litter all over the roadside verges of your town or any other area for that matter.

Congratulations to Laurie McMahon for being chosen as Bathurst Electorate’s Woman of the Year. Laurie’s volunteer work for Camp Quality and other organisations has been recognised by Minister Toole and deservedly so. Well done.

Greens Senator David Shoebridge was in town last week to present a framed motion unanimously passed by the NSW Upper House ( The Senate) commending the Oberon community for successfully defending their right to local democracy and confirming respect for local government as an essential pillar of government in this state. It was a surprise to receive this from David and I am most appreciative. The beautifully framed motion will hang in Council chambers.

The first of four bottled Water Refill Stations started rolling out this week. The first was station installed at the Recreation Ground. All stations will be in place before 25 March 2017 in time for the Healthy Town Challenge commencement. As well as the Recreation Ground Stations will be located at the Rugby League Ground, the Oberon Common and Cook Park.

Recently elected Bathurst Mayor Graeme Hanger travelled to Oberon last Friday for an informal chat, after an uncertain year or so I am pleased to re-establish a good working relationship between Oberon and Bathurst Regional Council and I look forward to pursuing that aim. 

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz