Latest News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - Thursday 12 May 2016

Council has made a determined effort over past weeks to ensure the community is aware of the Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) found in the Dog Rocks Road reserve. I completely understand the concerns of local residents in the area, however I can assure everyone that air monitoring was undertaken shortly after of the discovery and at regular intervals since, with negligible results regarding air-borne fibres being present. The results indicate minimal risk to the public. Consistent with our due diligence in this matter, council engaged an independent hygienist consultant to conduct the air monitoring. To date and in consultation with the EPA nothing indicates that Oberon Council should consider closing the road to the general public as the road base on the road surface is not contaminated. The roadside banks where the contaminated material is located have been covered with a hydro-mulch spray grass to promote revegetation. Once covered NOA material poses no threat.

Based on EPA/Worksafe investigations, risk to the general public is extremely minimal. All relevant agencies were immediately notified upon discovery of the NOA and staff have been working with them diligently and professionally to resolve this matter in the most practical manner. Naturally Occurring Asbestos is not to be confused with the bonded fibrous product which has caused serious health concerns over the years.

Please visit the Waste to Art Exhibition this week, our students and community members have made a huge effort and some of the artworks are amazing. You would not believe what can be done with a recycled tyre. The exhibition is being held at St Joseph’s School Hall – entry in Fleming St. Opening hours 11am – 4pm Thursday and Friday and from 10am – 2pm on Saturday 14th. Entry to the exhibition is free.

Some welcome rain this week, let’s hope more is forecast. But not for Sunday 15 May when the “Rockley Game” (Women’s Cricket) first staged in 1890’s will be re-enacted, the game will feature the original rules. There will be a women’s cricket display at the Rockley Mill and Stable Museum and the main match commences at 11am at the Rockley Sports Ground. Contact the Visitors Information Centre for more info on this event; it sounds a lot of fun.

Smoke alarms and heaters need to be checked ready for the cooler weather, the RFS are conducting a campaign of public awareness. Let’s all be proactive in this, it could save lives.

I was disappointed to see that no money was allocated in the Federal Budget to the Bells Line of Road development as a rail corridor. This is so necessary to ensure the future health and prosperity of the Central West and beyond.

A reminder that if you require a Justice of the Peace there are two available at the Council Administration Office.

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz