Latest News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - 31 May 2018

I recently had a meeting with the Tuglow Landcare Group to discuss the aims of the organisation and how council can assist in facilitating some of the programs the group are working on. These programs include - Community building, Fire Management and Local Evacuation Plans, weed control, property access and environmental protection particularly over creek crossings and to develop relationships with local government authorities and organisations. The group operates in the Tuglow, Jaunter, Mozart and surrounds and would welcome new members. Of particular interest at the moment is the lack of mobile services in the area. This is also a continuing priority for council and as such I have committed to arranging a meeting with Member for Calare Andrew Gee, council and the Tuglow Group. Contact details for the group are: or 0407 470 856.

This week we celebrate National Volunteer Week an annual event that acknowledges the generous contribution of volunteers to the fabric of our local society. 5.8 million Australians volunteer in a range of ways - where would we be without them. So on behalf of the Oberon community can I say “thank you”.

The new Central NSW Joint Organisation (formerly CENTROC) conducted its inaugural board meeting last week at Parliament House. Now with ten members the changeover from one organisational structure to the other will commence. It is envisioned that membership of the new entity will be even more beneficial than before. Whilst in Sydney, General Manager Gary Wallace and I took the opportunity to meet with the Deputy Premier the Hon. John Barilaro and the Hon Paul Toole to discuss the unrateable land issue. The meeting was very positive with the Deputy Premier indicating that as a result of our discussions he now has a better understanding of some of the associated issues he was previously unaware of. The Deputy Premier has committed to undertaking an overview enabling him to better understand all sides of the problem. Also discussed at the meeting was the need for a State Road Review in relation to the status of Abercrombie Road, currently a regional road. The difference being that Regional roads require dollar for dollar grant funding whilst State Roads are fully funded by NSW Government. 

Work has commenced on the new skate park to be located at the bottom end of the Oberon Common, soil testing has been carried out and a detailed design is progressing well with a stakeholder meeting being arranged for mid-June to discuss the finer details of the design. This meeting will seek to engage with the local skating community and any other parties who have an interest. Full community consultation will follow the completion of the design works. 

There seems to be some confusion in the community in relation to the council fluoride response forms in circulation.  The form was featured as the last page in the handout circulated at the recent community meetings.  It was included as an option for residents to advise council of their feedback in relation to fluoride and could be handed in at the meeting. It was asked at the Oberon meeting whether the form could be available in the community. Council agreed and advised it would be available at all council facilities and would be received back at all council facilities.  It was explained at the meeting that the form was an option to facilitate feedback not a requirement of council that it be used. Council has consistently reiterated that it wished to hear from the community by letter or email and a steady stream of correspondence has been received, all of which has been circulated to councillors and documented. This form is just another way to supply feedback, it was designed to assist the community not cause anxiety.  You only need advise council once of your position on fluoride.