Latest News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - 22 June 2017

The rising cost of energy appears to be a focus at the moment; it was reported at the Centroc energy meeting held in May that the current electricity market prices have increased by 200-300% over the past several years. As part of the Centroc alliance Oberon is part of the push for more efficient lighting. Essential Energy has scheduled a lamp replacement for Oberon in October this year. This changeover will see any luminaires that are found to have failed be replaced with a more efficient LED lamp. The more to a more efficient form of street lighting will result in not only substantial cost savings to council therefore the ratepayer, but has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly so a good investment for the community.
Upper Macquarie County Council (UMCC) will be at the next Tarana Farmers Market to be held on Sunday June 25 from 10am – 2pm; Oberon is a constituent council of the UMCC and has a very active and efficient weeds officer in Ms. Jill Grady. We all realise that weeds are a major threat to our environment and a huge cost for landowners to control. Although serrated tussock and blackberry are the two main problem weeds in the region, there were also many others and the UMCC staff will be on hand at the market to provide advice to interested landholders, so why not drop in for a chat.
Time to get your smoke alarms checked, with the winter months posing a high risk of house fires, better to be safe than sorry, it takes just a few moments but could save a life. 
Just to remind you that I am always available to speak to any member of the community who has a concern. Mondays are the day I set aside for this but I can be available at other times if more convenient. Please ring Sharon Swannell on 63298151 to make an appointment. 
Hathaway Cottages is scheduled for auction today (Thursday 22) the auction will be held at the Oberon RSL commencing at 6.30pm. 
An update for you on the introduction of the e-book platform at the library. This service will be available mid-July, as a short term trial library members will also be able to loan an e-device to see if they like the system. Library staff will also be able to assist load the “app” onto members existing devices. Audio books and e-magazines will also be available for loan. 
Community Building Partnership Grants Funding will soon be available. Community groups can apply for this funding for infrastructure projects with a minimum value of $2500. This funding can also be used for refurbishment, renovation or repair of existing assets. For further information contact council. 
Council staff took delivery of a new “skid steer loader” this week. This plant will assist staff in many areas including parks, streets maintenance and road work projects. Oberon Council prides itself on the quality of its plant and equipment which is the envy of other councils. With such a large local road network it is a sensible investment to upkeep and update plant. 
I am pleased to be attending the Chifley Local Area Command Awards Ceremony this week, our police personnel have a difficult job and well deserve the recognition these awards convey.