Latest News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - 20 July 2017

On Monday I went along to Lake Oberon to join in the release of tagged brown trout, despite my reluctance I was persuaded to don oversize waders and join Minister Toole in the water, not a pretty sight (me not the Minister).  This release is part of a project set up to assess the impact of redfin in the lake. One thing I learnt is that redfin are apparently a very nice eating fish. Due to the large amount of this aggressive species present in the lake, should you happen catch one please take it home for dinner, whereas if you are lucky enough to catch a brown trout please employ the kiss and release technique. This will assist with sustainability into the future.

Minister Toole met with me this week to advise of several very exciting NSW State Government Grant opportunities coming up. The opportunity I am most excited about is the “Stronger Country Communities Fund” aimed at investment in public assets such as libraries, swimming pools, parks and playgrounds in fact all community facilities. This is a two year program, so in 2017 and 2018 each Regional LGA in NSW will receive a base amount of $750000 plus a pro rata amount for each resident. Oberon’s total funding amount for 2017 is $775000. Applications will open for Oberon projects in September and more information on this unique funding opportunity will be available in the near future.  The Regional Cultural Fund is also open to support art and cultural projects and infrastructure as is the Regional Growth Fund which has broad opportunity criteria. The Minister also advised that sports funding opportunities will soon be available. 

A reminder, or this may be news to you – at council meetings which are held on the third Tuesday of each month commencing at 5.30pm, a time is allocated for “Presentations and Questions from the Public” Whereas this is not an opportunity for debate with Elected Representatives or Staff  (there are other forums to facilitate this) it is an opportunity for the community to come along to either ask a question in relation to an issue or put a point of view relating to an issue that may be causing interest or concern. Due to time constraints a time frame of approximately three minutes per speaker is allocated. All questions and comments are directed through the Mayor and in the instance of a question, if it cannot be answered immediately it will be taken on notice and a response given within a reasonable period of time. 

Now the Abercrombie Hill project is complete the RMS are conducting a speed zone review with the possible outcome of reducing the speed limit from 100kms per hour to a safer limit. 
On Saturday July 29 the Oberon Tigers will be hosting their annual fundraising event for Oberon Can Assist. This is the last home game of the Group 10 Competition before the semifinals and the Tigers will be playing Orange CYMS. The main game will commence at 2.15pm preceded by League Tag at 10.30am. The games will be followed by an auction and entertainment at the Leagues Club. Last year the club raised over $11000 for Oberon Can Assist and hopes to improve on that this year. So please go along and support this wonderful organisation and see a great game of League as a bonus. 

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz