Latest News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - 13 July 2017

On Monday July 24 General Manager Gary Wallace will be hosting a forum for prospective candidates in the upcoming Local Government Elections, this forum will commence at 5pm at the Robert Hooper Community Centre. I urge anyone considering nomination to attend. When you consider the Office of Local Government reforms currently underway that will affect elected representatives and the three year commitment that follows election to council, it follows that nominees need to be fully informed of the expectations and obligations election entails. I mentioned last week I would advise of the pre polling venue and location of Returning Officer for September election, both these functions will be available at the Community Centre in Fleming Street. Pre-Polling opens on August 28 and closes September 8 at 6pm.

There is a campaign currently underway encouraging anyone who may have unwanted or out of date medication (including pills, creams and liquids) to clean out their cupboards, therefore reducing not only the risk of children being accidentally poisoned but of people taking an expired medication thinking it will assist their health issue when it may not. Medication loses potency over time and worse, can change composition causing harm. The NSW Poisons Information Centre has advised that over five thousand children were hospitalised due to household medicine poisonings every year, with under five year olds being most at risk. The “Return Unwanted Medicines Program” is calling on people to regularly identify expired medications and take them to the pharmacy where they can be disposed of properly. Please do not dispose of unwanted medicines by just putting them in the bin or pouring them down the sink as it could cause environmental damage.

If you need a Justice of the Peace don’t forget there are four available at the Council Administration Office, just enquire at the front desk. Also should you need to bring an issue to council’s attention you can visit council and fill out a form outlining your concern and this will be forwarded to the relevant department. A perfect example of how this works was that a complaint was received last week about the road condition around the disabled parking spaces in the Main Street, staff immediately assessed the complaint and the area was repaired and made safe. A better surface for mobility access in the area will now be investigated and a permanent solution undertaken in coming months. So take advantage of this facility offered by council, it works.

The road maintenance grading program continues while weather conditions are ideal, Arkstone and Bastard Point Roads have now been completed and final work as a result of the LIRS program on Sewells Creek, Dreves and Mackie Roads as well as Kellys and Tilsbury Lanes has also been completed. Jaunter Road will now be the focus of work. With such a high proportion of rates revenue dedicated to road infrastructure it is great to see good results happening. Watch out for a new service soon to be offered by council, e-Rates notices will soon be available for distribution by email rather than snail mail, once registered you can view current and past statements at any time. A flyer will be enclosed with your next rates notice explaining how to register for this service. 

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz