Council News, Thursday 31 July 2014

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Council News - Thursday 31 July 2014

This past week we have seen the first rise in the water level in Lake Oberon in over a year.  The lake has been slowly falling over the past year but after the recent snow falls the dam has risen from 65.18 to 65.38 last week.  Although this is not much of a rise it gives confidence that with further snow and rain to come the dam may rise significantly by Christmas.

Oberon Council is recommencing a bulk pickup service for residents who currently receive a weekly garbage collection service.  The new service will take place twice per year and will allow residents to place bulky items onto the kerbside for collection.  Items are to be of a weight that can be lifted by two people.  This will be a great service for residents who do not own a vehicle capable of removing these types of items and for our elderly residents.

The kerbside collection will take place on Monday 25 August and full details of what can be left for collection can be found in the article in this paper or on Council’s website  For further information please contact Council’s Engineering Department on 6329 8131 or 6329 8104.
Last Saturday evening Councillor Evans, General Manager Alan Cairney and I attended the Christmas in July held at the Tarana Fire Shed.  A great evening was hosted by the Tarana RFS with a lot of entertainment and a terrific dinner.  Considerable funds were raised via a raffle for the Tarana RFS.  The evening was an outstanding success.

This week Education Week has been celebrated in our local Schools.  I attended a special assembly held at the Oberon Public School on Monday where I had the privilege of presenting a number of students with awards for outstanding School Citizenship.  A number of other awards were presented to students for outstanding achievements.  Following the assembly a morning tea was held in the School Library and then a visit to classrooms.  This was my second visit to the Oberon Public School in the last week having also been a guest at Grandparents Day last Friday. Visiting our schools is certainly one of the most rewarding aspects of the role of the Mayor. It is a privilege to see the children’s work and see how well they are progressing and the dedication of the teachers who work in our local schools.

Councillor Gibbons also attended the Oberon High School special assembly held to mark Education Week and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the achievements of our senior students.

Mayor John McMahon