Council News Thursday 3 April 2014

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Council News - Thursday 3 April 2014

Notification has been received that a Development Application has been lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure for the construction of 55 wind turbines 65km from Oberon on the Abercrombie Road. These turbines will be 175 metres in height and are able to produce up to 178MW of electricity.

Development Application plans are now on display until 30 May 2014 and anyone wishing to lodge a submission may.  A copy of the Development Application can be viewed at the Council Administration Centre.  For further information please contact 1300 305 695 or phone Tracey Bellamy on 02 9228 6106.

Last Friday our local member, Paul Toole MP officially opened the new extension at the Oberon Golf Club.  The extended facility is able to cater for up to 80 people and features a new bar and cool room.  The large windows provide a great atmosphere to enjoy a drink and view the vista of the Golf Course down to Lake Oberon.

The Golf Club is a credit to the many members and volunteers who have assisted with the project and I would like to extend my congratulations for a fantastic job.  The Golf Club is open all day Wednesday, from 4pm on Thursday and Friday and all Day Saturday. It is a great place for a game of golf or just to drop by for a drink in a friendly atmosphere.

Council hosted the last of the planned Community Forums last Wednesday evening to discuss the proposal to fluoridate the Oberon Town Water Supply.  Approximately 35 members of the community attended the meeting.

Discussion was fairly lively at times with those in attendance putting forward their points of view either for or against fluoridation.  Questions and information gathered at the forums will now be forwarded to the Department of Health for their reply.  The responses will then be placed on display on Council’s website and in hard copies at the Council Administration Centre and the Library. We do not expect the final report to come before Council until the May Council Meeting.

Council is currently in the process of putting together its 2014/15 Community Strategic Plan.  The Community Strategic Plan is for all the people of our area and provides a strategic direction for Council. The development of the Operational Plan includes the preparation of the budget and Council will hold a series of Community Forums in the near future to present the plans and receive community feedback.  

I was extremely pleased to hear from Paul Toole MP that Oberon Council will received $15,000 for installation of fitness trails at parks in Oberon. Oberon Council has committed matching funding towards this project which will be of great benefit to our residents and visitors. The installation of a fitness trail in Oberon will provide a boost to the overall health of our community and will be a great contribution towards achieving our health goals.
Councillor John McMahon