Council News - Thursday 25 June 2015

Latest News from Mayor John McMahon

Councillors and Management Staff met for their final workshop to review the Fit for the Future submission on Tuesday evening.  This evening an Extraordinary Meeting will be held, commencing at 5.30pm to consider the final report which will be submitted for the Government’s consideration.

Council will also adopt the Oberon Community Strategic Plan 2015 at tonight’s meeting.  Council has received very little response from the community consultation it has undertaken regarding the documents.


Last Thursday there was a serious dog attack on sheep at the Oberon High School. Two dogs were involved in the attack and seven sheep were injured, two may have to be put down and all are under the care of our local vet. Animal Control Officers have impounded both dogs and they will remain in custody until an investigation into the incident has been completed.

It is a timely reminder to all dog owners to keep their dogs restrained when unattended.  Heavy fines apply for any dog caught behaving in a menacing way or injuring livestock.


For the first time in many years district producers are enjoying high prices for their livestock and wool.  The wool prices are the best I have seen since the collapse of the wool market and reserve price scheme over 10 years ago. However the high returns for farm produce over one season will not be enough to return landholders to a sound financial position. We need a number of consecutive years of running at a considerable profit to ensure rural operations are financially secure.


This week many of our local Schools held end of term assemblies to recognise the efforts of students. The Oberon Library has a number of activities planned for the School Holidays. Please check the Council website or call the Library on 6329 8220 to book your place.

Mayor John McMahon