Council News Thursday 24 July 2014

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Council News - Thursday 24 July 2014

The world is appalled at the senseless loss of life in the recent Malaysia Airlines flight M17 disaster. Our condolences go to all those who have lost family and friends in this tragedy. We hope that the authorities will give the necessary assistance to allow the bodies to be repatriated as soon as possible so that grieving loved ones can put them to rest.

I believe we should be extremely thankful that we live in a country that is not plagued by internal conflict such as what is happening in the Ukraine and that our political system doesn’t lead to this type of conflict. We should be ever vigilant and treasure our form of democracy.
Oberon experienced one of its heaviest snowfalls we have seen in the last couple of years last Thursday night.  Freezing winds ensured that the temperature hovered around zero all day on Friday.  School Buses were unable to run and all major roads in and out of Oberon were closed until 11am with the exception of the Abercrombie Road from Black Springs to the Abercrombie River which remained closed until 1pm.  Oberon school children had an unexpected day off as many teachers could not get to work due to the road conditions.  
Last Saturday evening General Manager, Alan Cairney and I attended the Skoda and Tatra Annual Yuletide dinner which was attended by Consul Hani Stolani from the Czech Consulate in Sydney and over 60 Skoda enthusiasts.  It was a most enjoyable evening with a lot of laughter and good humour.  An auction was also held at the dinner to assist with fundraising to build a Skoda and Tatra Museum in Oberon.  

We were in good company at the Big Trout with the Oberon Veteran Tigers also having a celebratory dinner honouring those players and their families who 50 years ago played for the Oberon Tigers and were the 1964 Clayton Cup Champions.
Councillor Kathy Sajowitz represented Oberon Council at the Inner Wheel Annual Changeover Luncheon held last Saturday.  Member for Bathurst, The Hon Paul Toole MP spoke at the luncheon congratulating outgoing President Sandra Jackson and welcoming Incoming President Gail Gearon to the role.  The Inner Wheel Club was very pleased to induct three new members at the luncheon.  The event was also attended by Councillor Evans, representatives from the Oberon Rotary Club and other Inner Wheel Clubs around the region.
On Thursday 17 July, Councillors Francis, Sajowitz, Evans & Morgan together with Councils Planning & Development Director Gary Wallace and one community member attended the first Pre-Development Application Community Consultative Committee Meeting for the Union Fenosa Wind Farm development proposed at Paling Yards. The developer outlined the current stage of the application and the role of the committee. Councillor Kathy Sajowitz has been appointed as the Interim Chair of the Committee.

The applicant is currently looking at the submissions received during the exhibition period and will prepare a submission report. Once this has been developed a further meeting will be held to discuss the recommendations prior to forwarding to the Department of Planning and Environment.  Union Fenosa is looking for more community members to sit on the Consultative Committee and any interested member of the public should contact Union Fenosa.

Mayor John McMahon