Council News - Thursday 2 April 2015

Oberon has received grant funding from the NSW Environmental Trust to assist with recycling initiatives. The funding will be used to construct a Household Problem Waste Facility at the Oberon tip. The facility is designed to allow easy use for the disposal of things like household paints, oils and fluorescent tubes. It is expected the Facility will be constructed this year. I believe this will assist with the ongoing issue of illegal dumping which has become an increasing problem across our shire, particularly in our State Forest areas.


Following a fall of around 12 - 20mm of rain across the Shire last Tuesday, road maintenance crews were able to complete a small amount or urgent maintenance grading.  Work has been carried out on Sewells Creek Rd, Arkstone Rd and Carlwood Rd. Conditions have now become too dry to continue with further grading. 

Rural people are becoming concerned with the continuing dry spell. It has been 2 years since we have received good heavy consistent rain which would allow good run off to fill property dams. Stock water dams are now at a very low level and on some properties already dry with earthmoving contractors moving in to clean out dams and to dig out springs.


I was happy to hear from Jill O’Grady, our Oberon district Weeds Officer from the Upper Macquarie County Council, that the majority of landowners whose properties she has inspected have a good weed management plan in place and are continually working at it.

Several landowners have requested to be included in the Upper Macquarie County Council’s aerial spraying program.  A total of 168 ha of blackberries and 115 ha of serrated tussock were treated in the Oberon Shire.  The next aerial spraying program for serrated tussock is in September.

Our roadside program is continuing with Edith Road completed and Abercrombie Road almost complete. Jill has been working with State Forests to introduce a coordinated approach to roadside spraying. Council has also been hard at work with weed control undertaken at the Garbage Tip, Black Springs Oval, The Common, Kings Stockyard Creek Reserve and others sites.

Jill is available to help with identifying weeds and developing a strategy to control weeds if needed. Jill has recently been contacted to assist with identification of Chilean Needle Grass and Tropical Soda Apple and is happy to assist with identifying your weeds if needed. Jill can be contacted on 0437 766 626.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and happy Easter.  Many people will be travelling over this period and I would like to encourage you to take care on the roads and enjoy this time with family and friends.

Mayor John McMahon