Council News Thursday 17 July 2014

Article for Council Page – Oberon Review
Council News - Thursday 17 July 2014

Council has recently upgraded the security cameras in Oberon Street.  We have found the cameras have been extremely beneficial in reducing the incidence of vandalism, damage and poor behaviour in our main street since they were first introduced several years ago and I am pleased the cameras have been upgraded to ensure this continues.

The upgrade will include a full integration of all our security arrangements at the Administration Centre, Works Depot, Visitor Information Centre, Library, Community Centre and Swimming Pool.

The NSW Government has released updated population, household and dwelling projections providing a detailed assessment on how our population is expected to change over the next 20 years. The population of Oberon in 2011 is 5,200 however the department has predicted a 0.1% decline in our population.

The report identified that whilst the main drivers for population change in Oberon are internal migration loss with young residents moving away from the area and an increasing aging population as the existing residents age or older residents move into the area looking for a tree change. However we believe the predictions are incorrect as they have not taken into consideration Oberon’s travelling workers and absentee landholders. Oberon currently has 28% of its ratepayers not living within the LGA.  That means that Council provides services such as roads, parks, Library, Pool and other town amenities for these absentee landholders and they are not recognised as part of the statistics.  

Council will providing a submission to the Department of Planning concerning local issues that may effect the projections for Oberon.

This week I met with Rev. Dan Henby who has recently commenced as the Minister for the Anglican Church in Oberon.  It is a pleasure to formally welcome the Henby family to Oberon and I would like to pass on my best wishes for their future here. Rev. Henby advised that commencing this Sunday the Anglican Church will be introducing a Sunday evening service, commencing at 5.30pm tailored towards families.  A light supper will be served at the Church and I would like to wish both Rev. Henby and his family well.

Council is currently advertising for tenders to construct the roof enclosure over the Oberon Pool Complex and tenders for the collection and disposal of garbage from the Oberon Town area.  If you are interested in obtaining further information about either of these tenders please go to the Council’s website

Last Tuesday evening a Citizenship Ceremony was held to welcome Oberon’s newest Citizen, Sarah O’Leary.  Welcome Sarah, and best wishes for your future in Australia.

Mayor John McMahon