Council News from Mayor Kathy Sajowitz - 1 October 2015

Our Federal Member John Cobb was in the area on Friday talking to local constituents. One issue of concern for John is the potential closure of 13 polling booths in the electorate of Calare, amongst those flagged for closure is the Burraga booth. I fully support our members stance on this issue, it is just another instance where dollars rate over people. Burraga is 25kms from Black Springs, the nearest alternative booth and 50kms from Oberon. At the very least, should the Australian Electoral Commission deem a booth at Burraga unsustainable a mobile pre polling booth should be considered.  I find it strange for governments both state and federal to continually “talk up” regionalisation whilst on the other hand degrade rural services.

It was pleasing to see so many community members at the inaugural Black Springs Community 355 Committee Meeting last week. A Committee has been chosen and a charter agreed upon. I see a huge amount of enthusiasm amongst locals to revitalise community activities in Black Springs utilising the Hall and Tennis Courts. Council will be offering as much support as possible with these endevours.

I attended the recentley held Sports Committee Meeting and was pleased to see that our local sporting groups are so vibrant. Council has agreed to formulate a plan into the future to ensure the ongoing needs of all the groups working together are met as far as possible. The ongoing sourcing of grant funding will assist with this. The Oberon Youth Council has been invited to attend the next Committee Meeting to update and inform the Committee on their plans for a Skate Park.

Look out for “Steel Street” October 9 – 23. The 2015 theme for the Waste to Art Competition was “Scrap Metal” which has led to the concept of a Community Street Exhibition. A similar project has been successfully running for years during the Katoomba Winter Magic Festival. The project will not only enliven the street but would be a talking point for visitors. The project will give the community and visitors a chance to see some of the fantastic W2A entries again or for the first time. Participating businesses in the Main Street of Oberon will display a piece of artwork. The “street” will start at the Light Horse by Harrie Fasher at the RSL Sub Branch Museum you can then work your way along the listed businesses on both sides of the Main Street and vote inside for a people’s choice award. There will also be a voter’s prize. 

Along with the “Aide de Mayor” (long suffering husband) I attended the retirement dinner of District RFS Superintendant Tom Shirt held in Bathurst. Tom has given many years to the RFS and now plans to rejoin the ranks of the volunteer members on the ground. Oberon Council wishes Tom a happy well deserved retirement. 

Please drive safely over this long weekend and don’t forget The Tarana Red Cross Art Show at the Tarana Fire Shed from Friday evening – Sunday afternoon. Daylight saving begins on Saturday night, so adjust your clocks forward one hour. 

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz