Clr Kathy Sajowitz Appointed as Mayor

Kathy KerryAt an Extraordinary Meeting held Monday 27 July 2015, Clr Kathy Sajowitz was elected to the position of Mayor.  Clr Sajowitz was elected in a ballot contested by Clr Kerry Gibbons.

Councillor Sajowitz was first elected to Council on 18 September 2012 and currently serves on the following Council Committees:

Community Services Committee

Seniors Welfare Committee

Sports Facilities Committee

Finance Committee

Performance Review Committee

Works Committee

Oberon Youth Council Committee

Australia Day Working Party

Community Precinct Working Party

Councillor Sajowitz represents Council at the following External Organisations:

Union Fenosa Pre Development Application Community Consultative Committee

CENTROC – Women in Local Government Committee

Mayor Sajowitz thanked Councillors for their support and commented that she is aware that she has extremely big shoes to fill. She added, although my style may be different to Councillor McMahon, my commitment to the community is no less. I look forward to working closely with the Deputy Mayor, Councillors and staff for the best outcomes for the Oberon community.


Oberon Council
PO Box 84
Phone: 02 6329 8100