Oberon residents, who are on the town water supply, are encouraged to check their water pipes regularly to ensure there are no leaks in their system.
A number of consumers have only been made aware that they have a leak in their plumbing system after they have received an excessive water consumption bill. In order to avoid this from occurring, consumers are urged to check their own water meter readings to monitor their water usage.
When checking your meter, please note that the black numbers tell you how many kilolitres (1000 litres) you have used and the red numbers tell you how many litres you have used.
In checking to determine whether there may be a leak in your system, please follow these steps:
• Take a meter reading (including the small numbers at the end of the meter) after the last person has used any water in the evening (a photo works well)
• Take a further reading on the following morning before any water is used
• If no one has used any water overnight the readings should not have changed. If there is a difference you know there is a leak. You will then need to contact a licenced plumber to locate and repair any leaks.
Residents are responsible for all pipes past the water meter.
It is very important that you check your water usage regularly, as a water leak can remain undetected for several months and the water cost can be substantial if undetected.
An ideal time to check your meter is overnight, on the way to work or when you will be away from the property for several hours. 
For further enquiries please contact Oberon Council on (02) 6329 8100.