Central NSW Council Board members to meet with State Ministers in Sydney this month

General Manager Gary Wallace and I along with other representatives from Central NSW Councils are this week meeting with the Premier, Deputy Premier and State Ministers at Parliament House in Sydney as part of a regional approach to raise local and regional issues to State Government.

Local Member for Bathurst, Paul Toole has made this year’s visit to Parliament House possible and I acknowledge his support. 

Tourism, Health, Planning, Roads, Jobs, Infrastructure, Water, Transport, Local Government Reforms and the way we prioritise projects in the region are all on the agenda. 

To support continued growth in our region we need to work together as a group with both State and Federal Agencies to achieve better outcomes of our residents, using CENTROC as one of the ways to promote this interaction is important. 

Our communities are wonderful, affordable and beautiful places to live. The Regional Australia Institute reported in 2016 that for every 100,000 people who choose to live outside the Capital Cities, savings of $292million in congestion costs and $42billion in mortgage payments per year were achieved over thirty years. In April it was reported that seventy eight Sydney suburbs passed the $2m median house price mark, interesting to note that an average medium four bedroom across at least seven Central NSW towns is $362k all good reasons to promote our region and work with Governments for better facilities to attract people to the Central West. 

Clr Kathy Sajowitz - Mayor Oberon Council