Australian National Flag Day will be celebrated on Saturday September 3. 

The Australian national flag was first flown on September 3 1901 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. 

The Australian Flag has a variety of meaning for many people, but it is a symbol for everything we as a nation hold dear. So to  celebrate this year’s event I encourage all businesses, museums, schools, clubs, sports fields, private residences and government buildings etc that have a flag pole to hoist the flag on Saturday. If you do not have a flag pole why not just display the flag at meetings and events you may be hosting over the next week. You can check the protocols for flying the flag at You may also be interested to know that it is Merchant Navy Day on Saturday September 3 so you may also wish to fly the Australian Red Ensign on the day. 

The Federal Government through our Representative Andrew Gee will make available assistance should you need a new flag for this years and future years commemoration. Please contact Sharon Swannell at council if you would like to take advantage of this offer.