April 4 Switch to Digital TV

Get ready for Digital TV - only 2 days to go!

Analog signals in Oberon will be switched off and replaced with digital TV on Wednesday 4 April 2012.

All residents need to be digital ready by 4 April or they will not be able to watch free-to-air TV. On the day of the switchover there will be a period where no TV is available. Once the switchover has taken place, residents will need to retune their digital TV or set-top box to receive the new digital channels.

The Household Assistance Scheme is still available to eligible households; please contact Centrelink if you are interested in this service on 1800 556 443 or refer to the Digital Ready website at www.digitalready.gov.au/government-asssitance/household-assistance-scheme.aspx.

Should residents not have access to the internet, or have problems using it they can call the Digital Ready Information Line on 1800 20 10 13 for more information.