Work Suspended at Dog Rocks Road

Works have been temporarily suspended on the Dog Rocks Road due to the discovery of Naturally Occurring Asbestos that was found at various locations on the work site. This material was only identified during the construction phase on this section of road. The environmental assessment carried out prior to the works commencing did not reveal any known sources of Naturally Occurring Asbestos.

As a result Council engaged an Occupational Hygienist to conduct air monitoring at the site, which has indicated that no immediate risk is present to the public. The road is still safe for motorists to utilise and poses no immediate danger.

Council are currently working with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Work Cover in relation to progressing the Dog Rocks Road project. Initial correspondence has been forwarded from Council to the EPA outlining the unique nature of this outcrop and has asked for assistance from them in clarifying some environmental matters.

Council over the past two years has undertaken significant work on the entire length of Dog Rocks road including bitumen sealing works however it is aware that the remaining 2.1km section of unsealed road is presently in need of maintenance grading. We anticipate maintenance works on Dog Rocks Road in the coming weeks.

Council anticipates that the upgrade to Dog Rocks Road will be finalised prior to the end of this financial year.

If you require any further information in relation to this project please contact Council’s Works and Engineering Department on 6329 8100.