Oberon Council Current Works Update - 28 April 2016

Modifying of various intersections along Sewell’s Creek Road to improve safety is underway. This work is part of Stage 2 of the Fixing Country Roads Program for the Beaconsfield and Sewell’s Creek Roads improvement work. Grading of the Wrens Nest Road has also commenced this week as part of this Program.

Works are progressing on a 1 km section of the Arkstone Road. This section of road is receiving a full rehabilitation and being built to a new standard to cope with ongoing haulage of timber and B-Double trucks that use this road.

Works on the Isabella Road have been suspended in the short term. All reshaping, widening and drainage culvert extension works has been completed. Work in this area will resume in late May to finish the gravel re-sheeting works.

The flooring for Cook Park toilet in Oberon Street has now been installed and the toilets have been reopened for the public.

Oberon Council carries out contract work on behalf of Roads and Maritime Services on State Roads in our area. Work has recently been completed to remove six dead trees from the O’Connell Memorial Avenue of Trees. Pruning and replanting in the Avenue has also been completed as part of these works.

Some Heavy Patching Works are scheduled to be completed in the near future on Duckmaloi Road, near the Jenolan Caves, Duckmaloi Road intersection.

A 3.5km section of road recently sealed on Beaconsfield Road will be repaired by Council’s sealing contractor, due to an issue during brooming of the new pavement when this work was carried out. The rectification work will be completed as soon as possible at no cost to Oberon Council.


To date roadside batters have been fully applied with spay grass product. Ongoing air monitoring of the road corridor continues, results show no signs of air borne asbestos generation from the road or surrounds. Council continues to monitor this situation with our environmental hygienist consultant. Quotations are currently being sourced from contractors for the removal of stockpiled Naturally Occurring Asbestos material.