Latest Works Update - 16 June 2016


Once again RMS will be conducting a Winter Weather Campaign across the Tablelands to alert motorists to the dangers of ice and snow conditions on roadways and how it can occur with little warning.

O’Connell Road proved to be one of the major locations reporting ice related crashes last year; however extensive works have now been completed by RMS to improve the surface since last Winter.

The campaign will run from 1st June – 31st July and include the following components-

  • Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS) across the region advising motorists to take caution – permanent VMS will be utilised also,
  • Radio advertising – Bathurst 2BS, B ROCK, Lithgow 2LT, 107.9FM, Mudgee 2MG, REAL FM, Orange 2GZ, 105.9 FM,
  • Newspaper editorial,
  • Email/notice for circulation to your staff and other local community organisations and businesses- e.g. bus companies, heavy vehicle operators.


Discussions were held this week with a company regarding a new product. It anticipated that this product will assist Council reduce the amount of suspended solids within the Sewerage Treatment Process. The chemical product acts as a steroid for the digestive bugs that eat solids matter within the holding tanks at the plant, in turn this reduces other nasties such Nitrogen, Phosphorus which in concentrated amounts create Algae Blooms on our settlement discharge ponds. The company who has created this product has agreed to a FREE trial over a one month period.