Current Works Update - Thursday 4 August 2016

EXTREME WEATHER – Over the past month the Local Government Area has been hit with some extreme climatic conditions including wind, rain and snow. This has (and will continue to have) impacts on our road network. Council staff have reacted to these events in the best and most strategic way possible. Please be mindful of these conditions when driving in extreme weather and also be patient. Our staff are committed and will continue to do everything possible to rectify the impacts of extreme weather conditions on our road network as quickly as possible.

WEATHER CLEAN UPS – Crews continue to clean up and chip the vegetation removed following the recent heavy winds. Work is currently taking place on Gingkin, Gingkin Valley, Edith, Mayfield, Beaconsfield, Abercrombie, Campbells River, Faugha Ballaugha, Black Bullock, Mozart, Sewells Creek, Lowes Mount, Burraga and Arkstone Roads as well as Baileys Lane.

GRADING MAINTENANCE – Our grading maintenance crews is currently working on Bosworth Falls, Bloom Hill, O’Brien Hill. Dreves, Arties, Phils Falls, Honeysuckle, Mt Olive and Hazelgrove Roads together with Ryans Lane. Patch gravel re-sheeting is currently taking place on Sheep Station, Keith Armstrong and Gingkin Valley Roads.

PARKS & GARDENS – staff are busy this week continuing to trim overhanging vegetation in the back lanes of Oberon.