Current Works Update - Thursday 14 July 2016

EXTREME WEATHER – Over the past month the Local Government Area has been hit with some extreme climatic conditions including wind rain and snow. This has (and will continue to have) impacts on our road network. Council staff have been reacting to these events in the best and most strategic way possible. Please be mindful of these conditions when driving in extreme weather and also be patient as our staff do everything in their power to rectify the impacts these extreme weather conditions have on our road network.

GRADING MAINTENANCE – Our grading maintenance crew is currently working in the Gingkin area. Works are being carried out on Gingkin Road, Gingkin Valley Road, Keith Armstrong Road, Tuglow Road and Sheep Station Roads. Graveling works will be required on most of these roads, due to the recent damage from snow.

TALLYS LANE NEW PARKING AREA – This week Staff have commenced dismantling the old corrugated iron sheds behind the Council owned residence of Dart Street, backing onto Tally’s Lane. The preliminary works have commenced to allow for the construction of more car parking for the community hub precinct. Engineers are currently considering appropriate finished levels and the installation of adequate storm water infrastructure to drain water from the hard standing area once built. An appropriate car parking plan is being designed in accordance with the Australian Standards for Off Street Car Parking requirements.