Following stabilisation of the new road pavement, the new Abercrombie Road alignment for the Abercrombie Bridge project was opened to traffic on Monday. Due to the significant shading issues on the northern side of the river (Oberon LGA side) it is not proposed to seal this side at present until the warmer months sufficiently dry the pavement. This delay in the project has been discussed and agreed to with Upper Lachlan Shire Council who have agreed to a variation. Sealing of the southern approach has been programmed for next Monday 22 July 2019. The safety rail contractors have arrived on site and are currently in the process of installing safety rail barriers across the bridge. Works has also commenced on the initial phase of removing the deck of the old bridge which will be stored by Oberon Council. It is intended to completely remove the deck of the old structure with the exception of the concrete piers which will remain. Stream improvement works will be completed as part of this process to remove siltation that has accumulated under the old bridge. On completion of these works the bitumen on the old road will be removed and disposed of prior to topsoiling and reinstatement back to its natural state.