Council Cemeteries

Oberon Council took over the Cemeteries Register for the cemeteries listed below in 1968.
This means there are many unmarked and unknown grave sites withn the grounds of these cemeteries. Some of the graves date back to the early 1800's and are of historical significance.


The Oberon Cemetery
Abercrombie Road, Oberon

Black Springs Cemetery
Campbell's River Road, Black Springs

Shooters Hill Cemetery
Shooters Hill Road, Shooters Hill

O'Connell Cemetery
Mutton Falls Road, O'Connell

Porters Retreat Cemetery
Abercrombie Road, Porters Retreat

Oberon Council took over the following cemeteries in 2004 after the part amalgamation with Evans Council:

Isabella Cemetery
Isabella Road, Isabella

Burraga Cemetery
Burraga-Rockley Road, Burraga

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