Oberon Community Transport

The Community Transport service is available to residents of the Oberon area to provide transport to the following groups of people:

  • frail and aged
  • disabled
  • transport disadvantaged 

Use of the Community Transport vehicles is limited to providing access to services not available in Oberon. This includes:

  • transport to and from medical appointments and social events
  • other uses considered reasonable by the Community Transport Coordinator or delegate, to be assessed on a case by case basis

The client must go to the closest available relevant service. The Central West/Regional centres will be given preference although all circumstances will be assessed on their own merits.   

Double bookings of the Community Transport vehicle may occur on the same day if there is more than one appointment in the same town, however there may be some waiting time for each client. There are no restrictions on the distance over which the Community Transport vehicle may travel, subject to driver availability. However, trips outside the Oberon area will generally be restricted to an area bounded by Orange to the west, and Sydney to the east. Trips beyond these boundaries will be subject to the approval of the Community Transport Coordinator.

The Oberon Community Transport Service is also offering a Taxi Voucher Scheme to all Community Transport Clients. The scheme provides eligible clients with 10 Taxi vouchers each month which will assist them with transport within Oberon for doing their groceries, running errands, and meeting appointments. This is a wonderful new service that will prove very beneficial to many Community Transport Clients within our community.

For more information regarding the Community Transport service, please contact the Oberon Community Transport Coordinator on (02) 6329 8162 between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm weekdays.


02 6329 8162