O'Connell, 23 kilometres from Oberon on the O'Connell Road, is classified by the National Trust as a historic village. The historic former Catholic Church now operates as a bed & breakfast. The Anglican church is still in use. The village has a long history, having been situated on the original road between Bathurst and Sydney. The present hotel was built in 1865 and today is a popular meeting place in pleasant surroundings. Near O'Connell, on the Mutton Falls Road, is the Flat Rock picnic and camping area. This is a popular spot for fishing and swimming. Another popular Picnic area is Hassall Park situated on the Fish River. This area is just outside of the village of O'Connell. O'Connell is also the home of a small school, several bed and breakfasts and the O'Connell Avenue cafe. Travel through the O'Connell Avenue of Trees, a memorial dedicated to those who fought in World War 1.

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