Request for Tender T2022-7 - Lowes Mount Road Upgrading Project

Published on 14 September 2022


Oberon Council is seeking tenders for suitable machinery and skilled operators for grading services to assist in the delivery of the Lowes Mount Road, The Tablelands Way upgrade project.

Interested parties are required to register via the E-tendering Portal to download the tender document at no charge.

If you experience difficulties accessing this website, please contact eProcure Support on 1800 377 628 during business hours.

All electronic tenders must be submitted in the format specified in the tender document.  Failure to do so will result in the tender not being considered by Council.

The closing time and date for submissions is 4.00pm, Friday, 30 September 2022.

Please note that lobbying or liaison with Councillors and or staff prior to the consideration of a Tender by Council may lead to the rejection of the Tender.

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