Published on 16 March 2023


The International Women’s Day Dinner on Wednesday 8 March was a wonderful event attended by over 100 local women of all ages. I was particularly pleased to see the number of professional and interest groups represented as well as the Fijian community.

There were three speakers; Daria Olney the current Young Citizen of The Year; Kathy Sajowitz who is the current Citizen of the Year and Lucy East who has been a driving force behind the revival of the Malachi Gilmore Hall.

These three women of different ages, backgrounds, and life experience all spoke with conviction and passion and each left those who were attending the dinner with something to think about.

Thank you to the committee who organised the event, the volunteers who set up and decorated the Showground Pavilion and those who worked so hard on the night providing the food. Great work all round.

On Monday morning, 13 March, I had the privilege to confer Australian citizenship on Mr Wei He (Zach). I have presided over a number of citizenship ceremonies in the last 15 months, and I always feel a sense of admiration for those who seek citizenship because it is often such a major life event to change your national allegiance. I also have a great sense of pride in our nation that so many people have chosen to become Australian citizens.

Thank you to the Oberon branch of Rotary for attending each ceremony and providing an Australian native plant to every new Australian citizen!

Citizenship Ceremonies are one of the best parts of being Mayor.

The construction of our new Community Centre and Library is proceeding very nicely. It is currently scheduled to be operational in early May 2023 and is within the allocated budget.

The new building provides a single interconnected community centre and library with much more space and more versatile and comfortable rooms. There is also a dedicated space to display our newly restored Bi-Centennial Tapestries and an auditorium for 250 people.

Over the last few weeks many of you have complimented the Council on all the great work that has been done on restoring our roads after the adverse weather that we have all endured.

The Council staff and contractors have been very busy restoring our state, regional and local roads with the approximately $2m of “Pothole Funding” that Oberon received. There is, of course, always more work to be completed.

Your kind and encouraging words have been very much appreciated.

For all our new residents save a date for 31 March. The Welcome to Oberon event is on at the Showground Pavilion from 4.30 to 6.30 pm. The event is open to residents who have arrived in the Oberon LGA over the last couple of years. Longer standing residents who bring new residents along with them are very welcome. Refreshments will be provided.

Service organisations, community organisations, clubs, interest groups and sporting groups will be represented. Come along and meet new people and maybe discover some new activities or interests.



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